Webtaste is a Milan based network of freelancers that offers digital services. The network has been operating in the web development market since 2010 and has been growing ever since. Many qualities, many projects, one team, Webtaste combines technical and creative skills to offer exceptional web services.


Fresh / Recognizable / Appealing / Quality


10 years after its creation Webtaste was looking for a new image to establish itself in its field. For this rebranding we have analyzed together the different directions to be taken in order to create a solid brand that could be recognizable and present on all web platforms.

Rough sketches when I start the deep exploration phase.
Webtaste is a digital service provider, so the idea I started from was to find elements that could identify the brand as part of the web world. One of these are the letters and symbols http:// that appear when you insert a website in your browser. By tilting and joining the two slash and forming elements :// I created a visual element that could also recall Webtaste's W.
By retaining some elements of the previous logo, such as the gradient and inclination of the logotype, I have created a mark that is recognizable and applicable throughout the branding, from socials to stationery.